I need a Letter of Acceptance and/or an Invitation for traveling to Lisbon

Please, drop us a mail with all your details and we will respond as soon as possible with the document requested in PDF.

Keep in mind that we will need this information:

Lastname (s):
Your passport nr:


Some countries require Conference Coordinator signature, other Dean signature.

Please, let us know which are your country requirements.


I had submitted a paper but I was accepted as a poster

Our Scientific Committee recommended some papers to be presented as a poster.

This means that authors are invited to present (and send) a poster instead of a paper.

Posters are a very important part of the event and they will be exhibit during the whole conference. Authors will have the opportunity to explain their work every day next to their poster.

Poster Time is scheduled daily with a duration of 30-40 minutes.

Local researchers, participants, speakers and any visitor of the conference is welcomed to interact with authors, in 1:1 or in little groups. It is an effective form for networking and in-depth explanations.