SEEty – Workshop


SEEty: Urban space observation drawing

In this workshop you will be challenged to turn off your cameras and smartphones in order to SEE and to DEPICT the city without the mediation of digital screens. Considering the drawing on location as an immersion device, we do exploratory exercises of space observation, which associate the gesture of graphic inscription with the recognition of the place.

What do I need to participate?

  • Notebook (A4-A6 size)
  • Some scratch materials of your choice (Pencils, pens, markers …)
  • Some coloring materials of your choice (magic markers, crayons, watercolor)

You will have to bring your own materials. They are not included.


This workshop will be held at Praça Dom Pedro IV (well known as Praça Rossio)

The instructor will be at the closed fountain to the Theater.



Thursday 21st.


How can I participate?

Contact TICYUrb organization. There are limited places!

Workshop Driver

Daniela Rodrigues is an anthropologist and illustrator. She is finishing her PhD in Policies and Images of Culture and Museology. She is a researcher at CRIA – Center in Research Network in Anthropology and a member of NAVA – Nucleus of Visual Anthropology and Art. Presently she is  combining anthropology with drawing on location techniques while researching about Portuguese immigration in Brazil and its transnational flow of objects. Her areas of interest are Material Culture, Migration, Heritage Studies and Ethnographic Drawing.