The City as a Product

Cities have always been privileged places of production and transaction of material products and intangible goods (culture, norms, values). These aspects contribute to the polarization of political, economic and institutional power and affirmation of an arena of social demands necessary for the consolidation of democracy. Currently a set of multiple transformations and practices of territorial exploitation, arising from the context of economic crisis and financial globalization, are translated into the increasing centrality of the urban as a space for accumulation of capital and consumption. At the same time, socio-economic inequalities and environmental impacts are intensified and accelerated, extending beyond the geographic boundaries of urban or territorial borders. Considering this dual possibility of reading between the city as a space that activates flows, productive systems and ‘varied goods’ (or as merchandise itself) and the city as a space for democratic affirmation and social demand, we invite you all  to submit proposals around topics such as:

  • Touristification
  • Gentrification
  • Shared economies
  • City-Branding
  • Privatization of urban space
  • Mega events in urban context
  • City and the production of degenerated ecologies