The City Amid Policies

The contemporary city imposes complex challenges to public policies. These policies are structured in a hybrid way amid vertical and normative perspectives and based on the decentralization of decisions, functions and resources. Urban development is thus marked by an unprecedented set of socio-economic and environmental pressures and challenges, and by a profound change  in the relation between those actors that produce the city, with consequences in the way in which policies are implemented. Within this context, urban management results from processes and practices that involve a wide range of actors, developed at multiple scales and at different levels of governance, thus determining uncertain and sometimes contradictory and disjointed strategic scenarios. What kind of policies are we talking about? Which factors influence them? To what extent these policies meet population’s needs? Taking from these assumptions, we open the reception of contributions that refer to the following topics:


  • (Des) planning
  • Governmentalization
  • Challenges to urbanization
  • Des (re) territorialization
  • The urban decay
  • Food Industry
  • North-South and West-East Cities