Violence and insecurity are present in the daily lives of citizens, in different forms and intensities. These situations occur at different scales, from a micro-scale corresponding to interpersonal aggressions, such as school bullying; to a macro-scale, centered on abuses of power by large groups, corporations or institutions.

If sometimes the figure of the mediator or peacemaker gains importance, ensuring a balance that covers the interest of the parties in conflict, which is not always possible. Other times, the participation of the police and other law enforcement orders are inevitable. Surveillance and forms of prevention, investigation and intervention arise in a constant “combat” against threats that compromise the status quo of living in society. But, what happens when all these actors are unable to guarantee the wellbeing of people? What happens when these actors are responsible for the violence? Is it possible to measure the quality of life of city dwellers? Based on these questions and reflections, we invite you all to send abstracts that deepen topics such as:

  • Terrorism and radical groups
  • Drug consumption and trafficking
  • Human and / or organs trafficking
  • Communities and Surveillance Practices
  • Gangs, militias and paramilitary groups
  • Social inequalities (and vulnerabilities) and conflicts
  • Police and military forces
  • Mediators and peacemakers, realities in context